Improve Your Well Being – Rethinking Caregiving

You are tired, and stressed, your anxiety is through the roof. 

You don’t know how much longer you can keep running on empty before you really get sick.

What if I told you that the way you are caring for your spouse isn’t serving you right! 

Don’t you love an intimate connection with your loved one during this challenging time? I can show you exactly how to do that! 

You are afraid, and that fear is in the way of connecting with your loved one. 

I can show you how to deal with your fear in a whole new way you have never known before. 

When you work with me,  you will feel connected to your loved one in a whole new way, you will be able to manage those other emotions as they come up.  

I will give you a roadmap on how to help your spouse as they go through cancer treatments. Follow what I teach you, and your life will never be the same.

  • Understand why you feel anxious, and how to take yourself out of that downward spiral. You will still feel anxious from time to time, but you will be able to manage that by understanding what is going on in your brain.
  • Learn how to figure out the changing dynamic at home and how to accept that! 
  • Learn how to deal with anticipatory grief. 
  • It’s okay that you think how you think, the important thing to-do is to support yourself.  If you don’t know how to support yourself, you can’t do that with another person. 
  • Learn how to create more time in your day, so you take some stress off as a caregiver. 

Get on a Zoom call with me, I will walk you through the roadmap of how you can help your spouse as they go through cancer treatments. 

There is a sense of confidence when you learn how to properly care for your spouse and improve your relationship with yourself.

P.S Caregiving is a marathon, it can lead to resentment- and strained relationships. What is the price of broken relationships 8 – 12 months down the road? 

Working with me helps you save time, and improve your overall health.